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17 facts why children should read books

1. The book helps us to develop language and vocabulary. It teaches us to understand and be understood by others.

2. The book develops thinking. It provides us with the concepts and new ideas, expanding our consciousness and our world.

3. The book stimulates the imagination, teaches to build images in our head.

4. The book provides us with the knowledge of other countries and cultures, the nature, art, history, all that what we would like to know.

5. The book expands our feelings and the ability to feel empathy. Develops our ability to empathize with someone else's situation.

6. The book gives us strength and enthusiasm. It provides us with entertainment and excitement. It might make us laughter or sorrow. It can comfort us and indicate new opportunities.

7. Books can ask questions that engage and stimulate for further reflection.

8. Books teach us ethics. To reflect on what is right, and what is not, what is good and what is bad.

9. The book can explain reality and help us understand dependencies in the world.

10. The book can prove that there is often more than one answer to a question, that a problem can be tackled from different angles. It may prompt other ways of solving conflicts than violence.

11. The book helps us to understand each other. Gives us the ability to discovery that there are others who think like us, that we have the right to our feelings and reactions, it strengthens our sense of self esteem.

12. The book helps us to understand others. Reading books from writers of past eras, other worlds, and discovering that their thoughts and feelings are no different from our own, it builds a tolerance for other cultures and prevents prejudice.

13. The book is our companion when we are alone. It is easy to take it with you and read anywhere. From any library it can be borrowed for free and there is no need to connect it to electricity.

14. The book is part of our cultural heritage. Thanks to it we have common experiences and points of reference.

15. A good book for children, which can be read aloud, brings joy to children and adults. Builds a bridge between generations.

16. Children's book is the first encounter with literature - unlimited world, from which we derive for a lifetime. This is a very important encounter, because, if it is not wasted, it will show, how much good literature can deliver.

17. Children's literature can enrich countries culture. It gives work to many people: writers, illustrators, publishers, editors, printers, reviewers, booksellers, librarians etc. Children's literature can also increase national export income and recognition abroad.


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17 facts why children should read books

The book helps us to develop language and vocabulary. It teaches us to understand and be understood by others... [read more]

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