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Ebook vs Textbook

Ebook or traditional book? Here I would like to briefly present the advantages and disadvantages of books in both formats.

Ebook - pros:
  • Price
  • Easy to navigate and search for information
  • Hundreds or even thousands of e-books on one media, which you can always have always with you
  • Clarity and ability to change the font size
  • You can read or listen to it
Ebook - cons:
  • Reading from the screen makes your eyes tire fast
  • You can read only if you have access to a power source and the appropriate hardware and software
Traditional Book - pros:
  • A good book can have the unique atmosphere (its material)
  • You can read it anywhere without additional equipment
  • A good book is valuable and may be important collector’s item
Traditional Book - cons:
  • The price, which is often associated with the costs of materials, printing, gluing, etc
  • You can’t choose the font size, which may prove to be too small and hinder reading (after all, you can always buy a magnifying glass)
  • Difficult navigation - in professional literature there is always something like an index , but it often is quite difficult to find what you are looking for and it takes some time
  • Easy to destroy, hard to copy
Finally, we should ask ourselves a question:

Will the e-book replace traditional textbook?

It is quite a difficult question. At first glance, it is very easy to say that yes, absolutely. The problem, however, is the fact that power can run out during some cataclysm and all knowledge or records kept in electronic form may become unusable. It may be hard to imagine, but I think you should have that in mind, until we come up with a limitless source of energy. Thus, the e-book for a long time will be a rather complement to the paper version (and vice versa) than its full replacement.


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Ebook vs Textbook

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